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Our applications range from cosmetic wet wipes, such as wellness wipes, vitality wipes, sun protection wipes and refreshing wipes through to cleaning wipes, such as lens cleaning wipes, and furthermore biocide products, such as disinfectant wipes as well as tick and mosquito repellent wipes.

Make-up removal wipe   Lens cleaning wipe   Disinfectant wipe
With mild cleaning emulsion - suitable for all skin types Confirmed as dermatologically compatible.   For gentle and streak-free cleaning of all glass and plastic lenses - with a citrus fragrance.   For fast and thorough disinfection of hands and surfaces - broad-spectrum activity against bacteria, fungi and viruses.


Sleep tissue NEW!   Cotton refreshing wipe   Fabric refreshing wipe
Velvety and indulgent for a pleasant and restful sleep - with the scent of green tea, rose and vanilla.   With high-quality cotton cloth for ice-cold, hot or cold application - cleans, nourishes and refreshes.   With high-quality fabric cloth for ice-cold, hot or cold application - cleans, nourishes and refreshes.


Refreshing wipe small   Mosquito wipe   Vitality wipe
Cleans, soothes & refreshes in a compact format - with a pleasant citrus scent.   Cools and soothes irritated skin - even after mosquito bites.   Revives and relaxes tired legs following excessive stress, such as long periods of standing or sitting - with horse chestnut and red vine leaves.


Wellness wipe    
For colds - soothing, freeing and releasing of the irritated respiratory tract - with high quality essential oils.        
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