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Delicious coffee, cocoa and milk drinks, Also herbal drinks for mixing with water or milk - packaged in handy sachets. Pamper yourself with the irresistible aroma of our products!

Cappuccino   Iced coffee   Energy drink
Cappuccino Classico Italian style - the creamy and intense pleasure with lots of froth.   Iced Coffee Classico - the creamy aromatic pleasure with instant coffee.   With high-quality vitamins and higher caffeine content - helps to prevent fatigue and exhaustion and improve performance.


Cocoa drink for children NEW!   Latte macchiato   Milk shake
Cocoa-based drink powder for a delicious milk mixed drink - hot or cold.   Latte Macchiato Italian style - the simple milky pleasure with extra froth.   Vanilla milkshake for a delicious milk mixed drink - hot or cold.


Drinking chocolate   20-herb drink  
Aromatic cocoa drink with milk to mix with hot water.   Refreshing tea-like drink - with selected plant extracts.    
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