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Washing- and Cleaning Agents


The following list is only a sample of our capabilities. We are happy to give you information and advice on other product options - please contact us!

  • Screen cleaning wipes without alcohol (also for laptops, smart phones, navigation systems, etc.)
  • Lens cleaning wipes (suitable for all glasses, also those made ​​of plastic and sunglasses)
  • Disinfectant wipes for surfaces (as well as skin and hands)
  • Stainless steel care wipes (with anti-finger print)
  • Descaler sachets (powder or liquid)
  • Colour removal wipes (for removing colours, including paints from skin and hands)
  • Stain removal wipes (to remove food stains from textiles)
  • Rubber and plastic wipes
  • Polishing cloths
  • Glass cleaning wipes
  • Jewellery cleaning cloths (for gold and silver jewellery)
  • Shoe cleaning wipes

Of course, we are also happy to package your product in the ideal portion packaging! Further information on this in the area Contract Manufacturing.

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