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Primary and Secondary Packaging


In addition to manufacturing and filling, we also undertake the determination of primary packaging in terms of material and format.

For this purpose, our application technology, for example, performs outsourcing with original filling materials to ensure stability of the film for up to 30 months. Burst pressure tests for sachets which are to be inserted into journals/magazines is another example of the high standards which we offer.

Secondary packaging is more than just transport protection. After all, your product needs to be optimally presented. In this field, our range extends from collapsible boxes to trays / display cartons to folding cards.

Here, we always pay special attention to high levels of automation, to guarantee you cost advantages, high capacity and superior quality. For this, there are, among other things, various cartoners, a fully automated system for assembling sachets in folding cards, and numerous other equipment.

Going beyond the determination of material qualities and formats for primary and secondary packaging, we are also happy to advise you on the definition of pallet units in order to optimise logistics.

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