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Standup Pouches


We manufacture all kinds of stand-up pouch for you.

In addition to cosmetic products, such as face masks, bath salts, etc., we also fill washing and cleaning agents, as well as foodstuffs, in stand-up pouches in liquid or powder form. Single item filling for items such as tablets is also possible.

Benefit from the advantages of the stand-up pouch:
Compared to bottles: lower in price, greater promotional/advertising space and lower disposal costs.
Compared to sachets: stability and high fill volume in relation to the pouch size.

The following variants are possible:

  • Rectangular stand-up pouch sealed on 4 sides (standard)
  • Contour-punched stand-up pouch

Both variants can also be optionally delivered with the following special features:

  • Euro hole punching (for hanging)
  • Zipper closure (for resealing in the case of powders and single items)
  • Spout (for resealing in the case of liquids)

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