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We are specialised in the manufacture of all kinds of sachets for the fields of washing and cleaning agents, body care products and foodstuffs.

In addition to cosmetic products, such as creams, lotions, bath salts, etc., we also pack washing and cleaning agents, as well as food in liquid or powdered form for you. Single items such as tablets, can also be packed.

Benefit from our 60 years of experience in sachet manufacturing.

In addition to 3-sided or 4-sided sealed standard sachets, we also offer:

  • Journal/magazine sachets for insertion
  • Contour sachets (in virtually any desired shape and format)
  • Double/multiple sachets with or without perforation
  • Membrane sachets (with a sealed membrane film to separate two filling materials)
  • Resealable sachets
  • String sachets (as an endless chain)

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